Getting started

How to get started with Screendesk for Intercom

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Screendesk empowers customer facing teams with async and sync videos features. It also makes it easy to access these features directly in their favourite ticketing system (Zendesk, Intercom, Help Scout, etc...)

What you can do

With Screendesk for Intercom you can:

  • Send screen recordings to your customers.

  • Request screen recordings from your customers.

  • Start a live screen share session with your customers.

  • Receive Screendesk recordings in Intercom.

How to set up

Visit the Intercom app store and look for the Screendesk app or visit the integrations tab of your Screendesk dashboard. Once you have installed the Screendesk app check the section below.

Available Intercom locations

Messenger editor (recommended)MessengerConversation sidebarOperator

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