Screen recording experience

Experience for your customers

Sharing recordings with your support team through Screendesk is a breeze. Here's a quick overview of how your customers can effortlessly share their recordings:

  1. Access the Screendesk screen recorder through a provided linkβ€”no installation required.

  2. Choose between sharing their screen only or adding an audio comment.

  3. Select the specific window, tab, or screen to record for precise context.

  4. Optionally, add a written comment to provide additional details.

  5. The recording, along with any comments, is automatically sent to your support agent in a helpdesk ticket.

Experience for your support team

When using Screendesk, your customer support team will have a direct access to Screendesk features in your helpdesk chat.

  1. Click on the Screendesk button in your helpdesk

  1. When your customer is done recording their screen, an internal note gets created with the link to the recording and a description of the video

  1. View the video by clicking on the link and access contextual data

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