Hide sensitive data

This feature is available on the Pro plan.

Screendesk can automatically blur out sensitive data in your web app. It only covers the text that needs to be hidden, so the rest of your app looks the same. This keeps the app safe to use without losing any context.

  1. Install Screendesk: First, ensure that the Screendesk snippet is installed in your web application. This is a prerequisite for the blurring feature to work.

  2. Navigate to Settings: Go to account settings, then visit the security tab.

  3. You need to have at least one selector to enable the blurring feature.

To use Screendesk to blur out sensitive information, first pinpoint where this data is in your app. You do this by using the tag name, class, or id of the areas you want to hide, similar to how you'd use the DOM querySelector() API.

If your app already marks sensitive data with certain classes, just use those as your selectors. To find a class name or id, right-click the element, select Inspect, and note down the identifier you see.

Remember to start class names with a dot (.class), ids with a hash (#id).

Technical details

  • Blurring will persist across page reloads.

  • Content will be blurred even if the user has multiple tabs opened.

  • We use Websockets to communicate with your page.

  • We use sessionStorage to keep track of the state of the blurring. If the blurring continues after the recording ends, simply close the tab. Then reopen the tab.

  • Users can blur/unblur content directly from the recorder.

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