Zendesk Forms

How to add Screendesk to your Zendesk forms

Contact support@screendesk.io or send us a recording

To allow customers to submit tickets with screen recordings, you will need to integrate Screendesk into your Zendesk Help Center and/or include it in your website's Zendesk widget.

Enable Screendesk to your "New request" page

You can follow the steps outlined in the demo below:

If you want to change the background color of the button simply add a query string ?bgcolor=hexcolorwithoutthe (bgcolor=EBEBEB) at the end of the script source: https://app.screendesk.io/embeds/zendesk/c835d0?bgcolor=EBEBEB.

Enable Screendesk to your Zendesk Web Widget (classic)

By integrating Screendesk into your Zendesk widget, you can empower your customers to record their screen directly from the chat or form in your website. This functionality is especially useful for providing visual context and assistance in resolving customer issues.

You will need to add the snippet to your website. You might want to ask assistance to your Engineering team.

The code needs to be added right after the code of the Zendesk Widget.

You can find the code snippet here.

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